What Documents Are Required for Vehicle Change of Ownership in South Africa

You will need to fill out forms to request the transfer of ownership and support who is the current owner and who will be the future owner. If you buy a new car from a private seller, you must register this change of ownership with the competent registration authority. This should be done within 21 days of purchasing the vehicle. Each licensing office of the different municipalities of the country sets the rate for this procedure, so you must contact the one in your city. 2) Then, be sure to gather the documents you need to present. Especially if you are the buyer, you will have to wait for the seller to give you his documents. There is a very important procedure that anyone who owns a car in South Africa must follow: how to transfer ownership of a car? Whether you own a car or want to buy one, you need to know this procedure after all, because the change of ownership of a vehicle occurs when you buy or sell it. As we are aware of the fact that this transaction takes place quite often in South Africa, we did not want to leave you without this useful information. Next, learn more about the requirements, costs, and how to make the change of ownership meaningful, and it`s important now to choose an insurance company or request different insurance quotes.

No. A change of ownership must be made in the traffic department. Owner: If you paid for the car in cash or bought it with funds, you will be listed as the owner of the car in both cases. The owner is responsible for traffic violations, insurance and vehicle registration. The owner may not sell or de-register (dispose of) the vehicle unless approved by the title holder. The new owner must take out insurance for the car before the actual delivery, even if the license plate changes later. Insurance companies really only need the VIN to provide coverage. If you have not renewed your vehicle`s driver`s license for more than four years If your vehicle was built from parts, the documentation to be submitted is different and there may be some changes.

You may need to: This race can only be done in person. Although today many procedures are carried out online, changing the owner of a car in South Africa is not one of them. This means that you will have to take the time to go to the nearest registered authority and request the change of title holder. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you make sure that you have all the forms and documents you need in perfect condition before you begin the process. If you do this, you can avoid having to walk more than once. Remember that this is a simple one-day task so you can do your part to keep it that way. Although you should do it in person, you shouldn`t take much time. Like buying a new home, getting a bank loan, or even just a new cell phone, transferring ownership of a car from one person to another requires a whole bunch of paperwork. Yes, it seems like the world is drowning in red tape, but is it a necessary evil to make sure you get what you pay for and can prove legitimate ownership afterwards? Buying and selling a car is no different.

Arguably the most important document of all, because of what it represents, and cheap to get (about R150, depending on the type of vehicle). Can you transfer ownership to each licensee or only to certain licensees? The registration certificate (the original certificate) of the vehicle. It must be provided by the previous owner As for Gauteng, you just need to fill out a few forms to change the ownership of the vehicle. What can change the requirements is if you buy the vehicle from a private seller or if you buy it through a dealer. To allow transfer from one owner to another, the new owner must contact their local registration center. To facilitate the transfer, you must submit the following: Provide the vehicle registration certificate You might have someone to hand over the papers to the registration authorities, but all forms must be signed by you. You must do so within 21 days of the date you purchased the vehicle. Keep in mind that this change of ownership incurs a fee that depends on the municipality where you register the vehicle.

When buying a car, the most important documentation you need to get from the seller is the registration certificate. You must submit this form to the Natis Licensing Authority along with the Change of Ownership Forms and copies of your ID. A new registration form on your behalf will then be issued. And this must be kept in a very safe place that is always accessible to you. .