Which Subject-Verb Agreement Rule Applies to This Sentence the Dance Crew

I need to find a subject, a verb and an object in this sentence. 1.Attach great importance to spontaneous kindness. Subject – Verb – Object – I omitted the following sentences on the same subject. Thank you very much. 1) If Duncan bleeds, she will smear the faces of the bride and groom with blood and she will go to the task. 2) She will paint her faces with golden blood. 3) Macbeth wonders if all 1. John and Nicole wash the dishes a. The sentence structure is correct b. “Washes” should be changed to “wash” for the subject and the verb c. a verb usually corresponds to its subject in the number d. The sentence needs a help verb B 2. A kitten or thank you Mrs.

Sue and SraJMMcGin for your help. SraJMMcGin thanks for the list of verbs. Yes, that`s what I meant, I just need to know from the list of verbs you gave me what action, binding, auxiliary and transitive writing are. visit = scare verb = verb is = verb What description defines a dependent sentence? It contains a subject and a verb, but it cannot be isolated. It can stand on its own as a sentence It expresses a complete thought. It`s a group of words that contain a subject or verb, but not both Sorry, put another sentence noun verb and subject for the phrase “Compaies usually like these qualities.” Is the subject society and is the verb usually? and for this sentence “He would be an exemplary collaborator” Would he be the verb and the verb? Which of the following is not a primary sentence template for asking questions in English? A. Auxiliary verb, subject, main verb B. Subject, action verb, direct object, auxiliary verb C. Adverb, verb, subject D. Adjective/pronoun, subject, interrogative verb my What is the simple subject and simple predicate of the next sentence? As I walked down the hill, the wind bit my face. www.chompchomp.com/terms/subject.htm Scroll down for the section that will help you determine the difference between the simple “Shifts verb Mood and Voice Quick Check” for Connexus 1.

Which of the following describes the changes in writing? A. unnecessary changes in the form of verbs in a sentence. 2. Why should abrupt changes in writing be avoided? C. They are confusing and what is the predicate of this question? An African bird is called a honey guide. The predicate in each sentence is the verb and everything that goes with it (adverbs, adverbial sentences and sentences). Usually, I have to circle the subject (and everything that goes with it, if any) the simple subject, find the verb, decide if it`s right, and if not, I have to put the right verb in its place. (Subject-verb agreement) Above the meadows, the roar of the lions sounds. The dance team, after playing for the crowd, washes the paint of their faces. What subject-verb chord rule applies to this sentence? Using a singular verb with a singular subject Using a plural verb with a plural subject Using a plural verb with a collective subject that acts as individual parts, using a singular verb with a collective subject that acts as a single subject pressure has been applied. 1.

This is a fragment that can be repaired by adding a subject before pressing. 2. This is a fragment that can be corrected by adding a verb after printing. 3. This is a fragment that can be corrected by adding a subject and a verb. 4. This sentence reads: “What we forgot to mention is that we will be moving in the spring.” I found a clause, it is a nominal clause. It is “that we will move in the spring”. I think it is used as a direct object. We are the subject. Forgetting is the verb.

Either I Brooks or his son (washes, washes) the car. 2.Damont or his parents (help, help) usually us. 3. He and his dogs (are, are) hiking. 1.washes 2.help 3.are What is a good website to learn more about composite subject agreements? I am looking for a definition, historical context, function and example of the following: HIP Hop Dance, Street Dance, Cheerdance and Contmporary Dance we need help. We have already written this exam 3 times, but we can`t pass.it is too complicated. We get a sentence that has 3 lines, it is very difficult to understand a sentence at all. We understand this basis I have the sentence. When I get home from school, I go for a nap. I have to emphasize the subjects and verbs.

I know that in the first part, the subject is me and the verb is get. On the second part is topic I. I don`t know if I have to find the subject and the verb in every sentence with the verb. When the subject is understood, write (to yourself). Can anyone tell me if I`m on the right track? 1. Have you ever heard stories about dragons? Dragon-subject, verb stories 2.Imagine a yellow speckled sentence, write a sentence that corresponds to the form given in the description (sentence with composite subject and action verb.) My sentence is: The lizard and cat jumped on the mouse. Now I need a second move to match my first set (the phrase with Mary`s new shoes collapsed during the dance last night. What is the complete subject and the complete predicate and the simple subject and verb? 5. Identify the simple topic in the sentence “There are too many people in this elevator”.

A. many B. Persons C. There is D. Elevator I chose B because people are the subject and the verb is. This puts the verb in front of the subject because the subject of Identify the subject, verb, compliment, adj and prepositional sentence and adverb 1. Almost everyone heard a Strauss waltz. 2. The waltz is a form of ballroom dancing originating in Germany and Austria in the eighteenth century. 3. Johannes Strauss was What is the verb and subject in this sentence> “His experience with computers and photocopiers will be valuable in an office.” For the subject, I have his, but I can`t understand the verb! The verbal and nominal subjects help me find them in these sentences Carla buys a ticket for the concert.

Selling on iPod takes two weeks. Robert and Jane were elected for student reconciliation. A live band was hired for the party. There are many words here and there that have generally been called adverbs, although they indicate the location. In sentences that begin with here or there, the subject follows the verb. Ex) There are (is/are) two pins on the table. In this sentence, “two pins” is the subject What is the order of the components in the next sentence? Apathetic and depressed by the view of the snow and gray sky, Dieter left the cabin and headed for the frozen pond. A. Subject, modifier, verb B. Subject, verb, modifier C. Modifier, subject, verb Underline the verb or verbal sentence in each sentence, and then identify whether it is an action verb or a connection verb.

1.) The plumber who worked hard was ahead. 2.) These secretaries seem to be very busy this afternoon. 3.) The taxi driver was driving extremely A beggar with two children ____ was resting in the shade. (be) In the sentence, the subject is “a beggar.” “Two children” is not the meaning of this sentence. Parenthesis “with two children”. Then you may find that you need to use a singular auxiliary unit How to determine the right verb in a compound subject sen.? What is the best way to determine the right verb? Plez Help!:/ Simple sentence with composite subject: Jack and Jill ran up the hill. Compound subject = Jack, Jill Verb = ran The verb is Three of the following statements about a verb are true. What claim is false? One. A verb can express action.B. A verb can express a state of being.

C. A verb replaces adjectives. D. A verb makes a statement about the subject of a sentence. I must find the error in these sentences. 1. They are both happy. It has a subject and a verb. I got lost. 2. This morning I watch TV before I go here. .

need to know if it is a subject-verb match, a run-on, a verb form, and a tense or fragment. Could you please check those other sentences that I omitted? (The first one refers to my previous post). Thank you very much. 1) This is nonsense. She admits to being guilty, but then she says she would be ashamed to have the heart of a coward (by not admitting his guilt?) I am a parent of a Grade 7 student. We are stuck on a few sentences. We need to find unusual topics, verbs, and the prepositional sentences of each sentence. We had 40 questions and we just can`t understand them. I want to teach my son the right way. I need to find the topics and verbs in all these sentences, please let me know if I did it right. Thank you very much. A guy I work with has a theory about students.

(verb=work, a) (Subject=Type, Theory) He believes that the students` majors reflect the words that correctly complement the following sentence. If none of the options are correct, select “none of the above options”. In a sentence with a compound verb, each verb (periods: 1) may have a different subject, which may not have the same subject. What would be true for the conjugation of a verb -ar? One. You should always change the verb and use a subject pronoun. b. The tribe must change for the subject. c. The end must change for the subject. d. Nothing needs to change, just use.

Use a singular verb with a collective subject acting as a unit. Mrs. Jones had white paint, green paint, and a pile of wooden cubes. His class decided to paint the cubes, making each face white or green. Juan painted his cube with the 6 faces white – Julie painted her cube solid green. 1. She let me wash the dishes. 2. I had to wash the dishes. (X) 3.

I was asked to wash the dishes. (o) 4. He asked me to come in. 5. I was ordered to come in. (Is number 5 correct?) 6. He made me wash the car. 7. He forced me to wash the car. (Im Passiv 1. We can massage the back of the elderly. 2.

We can help them use a computer. 3. We can visit their houses and white rooms. 4. We can take them to a bathroom in a wheelchair. 5. We can help them wash their faces. 6. We can help them take a bath.

7. We can For once I finished early.. .