We invite YOU to partner with us as a sponsor for one or more of the 2020 Virtual Series ‐  NCCHC Lessons in Leadership. For more information, click here or contact NCCHC’s Executive Director Kim Andosca at kandosca@amgroup.us (916) 231‐ 8970.

We anticipate up to 250 administrators from across the country to participate in the NCCHC 2020 Virtual Webinar Series – First Webinar Scheduled for August 20, 2020 Leadership development is a major issue across the nation in all sectors of our economy especially given the challenges presented by COVID 19. By addressing the on‐ going issues facing so many of our up and coming Hispanic professionals, our series will aim to explore all aspects of adapting, re‐ tooling and reorganizing, operations and instruction on college campuses. We will also explore student specific challenges as our series topics progress as it is also one of the core missions and values of NCCHC to advocate for Hispanic students, equal opportunity and accessibility in higher education, specifically at the community college level. NCCHC helps to provide the leadership which will be critical for us to meet the challenges we face during and after this pandemic.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

San Antonio College, TX

College of DuPage, IL

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