Institutional Membership

Designed for Community, Junior and Technical Colleges as well as similar collegiate institutions and organizations. Mailings/information will go to the representative (usually the college president) noted on the membership application/renewal form. One membership will apply to multi-campus colleges that participate in one accreditation as a system. Separately accredited colleges should each apply for an institutional membership.

Institutional Membership Fee: $1,500

Individual/Retired Employee/Student 

Trustees, faculty members, administrators, staff members, students, and retired employees of institutions of higher education that are already or are applying to become institutional members. Individual membership allows that member to receive mailings/information and website “members only” access in addition to the key contact person. This membership category does not apply to CEOs.

Individual/Retired Employee/Student: $250

Associate/Corporate Membership

Designed for any nonprofit organization or corporate partner interested in education issues or any educational institution not eligible for Institutional Membership.

Associate/Corporate Membership: $2,000

For additional information, please contact

Kim Andosca
Executive Director
One Capitol Mall, Suite 320
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-231-8970
Fax: 916-444-7462

Membership year runs July 1 to June 30. Apply Now!